how can I book a flight?

It is easy. There are two options. The first one consists of sending us an inquiry via e-mail ( or stating your requirements during a phone call with our consultant. We will need a following details to prepare the cost evaluation: departure and destination airports, passenger number and date of flight. On this basis our consultant will provide you cost estimation taking into account the most economical parameters.

You can also estimate the flight cost on your own and make a preliminary booking by means of our intuitive search engine at See below for instructions.

1 Use the search engine. Fill the destination fields “from” and “to”. Our system will suggest the proper name of the airport or city right after filling the first couple of letters. Caution! Fill the destinations in English (e.g. Kiev, Warsaw etc). Put the passenger number and time and date of departure and return. After filling all the boxes click the “Value” button.

Attention! In case of any doubts or trouble with finding the required destination contact us via e-mail or on telephone. Our consultant will help you to find the nearest appropriate airport, offer an alternative connection and will estimate the price of the flight.
+48 608-380-390

2 After filling all the boxes and confirmation, a widow with initial information will appear on the screen: day of flight, flight parameters and preliminary cost evaluation. If the information provided is correct you can carry on with the booking process – click the “Request aircraft” button.

3 In the next step you have to provide your contact details: name and surname, telephone number and e-mail address. Then click the “Send request” button. We will then receive your inquiry and verify it. Remember! Filling the form does not oblige you to accept our offer. Our consultant will contact you to confirm all the parameters and will present the final offer.



PHONE: +48 608 380 390  / E-MAIL: INFO@SMART-JET.PL