Besides your comfort and satisfaction, safety is our priority. Along with the superior flexibility which characterizes the SMART-JET team, we make no concessions or compromises on anything that may have direct influence on safety issues. We leave at your disposal an aircraft in perfect technical condition and flown by our experienced crew.


Our pilots possess all of the permits necessary to perform passenger flights and they regularly undertake a series training days every year, which allows them to update the extensive knowledge they have on an ongoing basis. All of this, combined with skilled abilities of the pilots, embody the SAFE&SMART attitude that has been adopted widely throughout our organisation.



As a certificated aircraft operator, we hold all permits required by law, including the licence which authorizes us to conduct air passenger transport, on the base and in frames of our certificate.

If you have any questions, or any doubts as for our activity - contact us or The Civil Aviation Authority directly on number +48 22 520 72 00. Scans of our certificates are available to check below.

Scans of our certificates are available for your disposal.


Is my flight legal?

If you have any doubts whether a company from you which you have received a flight offer is operating within the law and under the supervision of the competent CAA – do not hesitate to check it. Using the services of entities, which omit obtaining the necessary certification and licensing, and which do not adhere to the restrictive regulations can result in unpleasant consequences for both you (e.g. problems with compensation), as well as for those carrying out flights in this way. Please find below the most frequently asked questions concerning the legality of the way in which carriers’ work.

What is an AOC certificate?

AOC (eng. Air Operator's Certificate) is a document entitling an entity to conduct business in passenger and/or goods air transport. For entities registered in Poland, the document is issued by the head office of the Civil Aviation Authority in Warsaw.

What does possession of an AOC certificate mean?

Entities intending to provide aviation transport for passengers and / or cargo are required to go through the certification process of the appropriate CAA for the country in which the entity is registered. Obtaining the AOC is confirmation of the ability to operate in a safe manner, in other words according to the applicable regulations, standards and procedures. The process of granting such a certificate is complicated and time-consuming. It includes vetting the various areas of operation of the entity, such as: management skills and capability, qualifications and training of employees, including pilots, inspecting the technical condition of aircraft, and many other areas. In addition - holding a certificate granted by the relevant Flight Authority is associated with the obligation of permanent monitoring of the entity by the CAA and the entity itself is obliged to maintain standards specified by law in permanent and continuously manner, i.e. at all times.

Where can I find out whether a given entity holds an AOC certificate?

Firstly, such information should be provided by your flight organiser. Ask for a copy of the AOC certificate or try to find it on the operator’s website. Further verification can be carried out by contacting the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) appropriate for the country in which the entity is registered. For further help in this regard, contact the Civil Aviation Authority on + 48 22 520 72 00.

Is the AOC certificate regarding only ‘big’ air passenger and/or goods transport operators?

No. Any entity wishing to perform a flight with passengers on board is obliged to hold AOC certificate . It does not matter whether it is a flight using an airplane, a helicopter or a hot air balloon. AOC is a guarantee to maintain safety standards and compliance with certain applicable, restrictive rules. Its ownership is directly related to your safety, regardless of whether you want to take a sightseeing flight or a business trip - cooperate only with certified entities.


The purpose of reporting information through this form is to improve safety level in Smart Jet. Reports made through the form below are sent to the Safety Manager and Accountable Manager to develop effective measures to improve safety level.

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