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Our history

We are specialists in our field. We know how valuable your time is, which is why we are at your disposal 24 hours a day. People for whom we become inseparable companions, customer satisfaction that we give by saving their time and realizing dreams, and finally our reliability are the heart of Smart Jet. This is our motto, thanks to which we go ahead and spread our wings.

Our team

The Smart Jet team consists of experienced people full of passion, ensuring that the service offered is compliant with the high standards set by law and aviation services, including the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA. Smart Jet is over 50 people who care about the comfort and safety of the services offered.
Our pilots are fully licensed to perform passenger flights. Many of them are excellent instructors and examiners with experience in flying many types of aircraft. They undergo a series of trainings and trainings, allowing them to constantly update their knowledge.


we are available

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We assure you that the response time to your inquiry will not exceed 45 minutes and that the offer made for you includes a time and cost-optimized flight calculation.

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