Our standards

Safety, next to your comfort and satisfaction, is our priority. Despite the high flexibility that characterizes the SMART-JET team, we do not accept any concessions or compromises in areas that have a direct impact on the safety of our flights.

Our fully professional team provides services in accordance with high standards set by law and aviation services.

Great experience

Our pilots have full authorization to perform passenger flights, and undergo a number of trainings and trainings, allowing them to constantly update their knowledge.

An experienced crew with many years of experience in airlines is a guarantee of safety for our passengers. All this, combined with skilled piloting skills, is a manifestation of the SAFE & SMART attitude propagated in the organization.


As a certified air carrier, we have all the permits required by law, including a license authorizing us to provide air transport services on the basis and within the framework of the certificate we hold.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our activities, please contact us or the Civil Aviation Authority directly at +48 22 520 72 00.

We provide copies of documents at your disposal.

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The applicant is not obliged to disclose his/her identity.

The purpose of reporting information through the form below is to improve Safety at Smart Jet. Reports made in this way are sent to the Safety Manager and the Responsible Manager of the organization as part of developing effective measures to improve safety.

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